Getting Leading Professionals Into Their Ideal Body and Mindset, With Minimal Stress

Increase your Physical Strength, Clarity, Improved Mood and Reduced Stress Level. Effortlessly Get Stronger | Sustainably Manage your Weight/Health | Gain More Mindset Clarity | Improve Your Mood | Progressively Increase Your Body’s Capacity to Handle Stress.

Do the basic stuff that compounds.

We’ve combined

  • Fitness
  • Coaching
  • Inspirational talk

Into a single program.

This increases motivation, create consistency through accountability, more clarity and improved self-confidence. It also makes a huge difference between getting your desired results or quitting along the way due to lost of motivation to proceed. Lack of clarity of direction and absent the feeling of progression leads to an eventual build up of frustrations resulting in quitting.

With combined fitness, coaching and inspirational talk. It becomes more sustainable no matter the time of the year or your current personal circumstances.

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Who is Murphy Alex?

He is a High Performance and Fitness Coach, Leadership Developer and Speaker on the same subjects. A multidimensional problem solver of the body and mind. Using a combination of logic of Engineering, imagination of Philosophy and human emotion management of Psychology. He gets excited by both the idea and actuality of seeing his clients coming out of their shell after shattering their glass ceiling and limiting beliefs. He creates environment that reduces stress from his clients lives, by doubling their mental and physical capacity to handle anything. He gives to them, stability, consistency and above all, a solid foundation to stand on. So they live the life of their own choosing. Effortlessly manifesting into the strongest, most joyful and realest version of who they are.

Client testimonial : What one of my top, long time client Bo Jacobsson has to say about his experience on my program. He a family man and very busy professional with high demand on his time, both personally and professionally.