Client Testimonial from Bo Jacobsson (Medical Doctor, Senior Physician and University of Gothenburg Professor

Bo Jacobsson Client Testimonial

My name is Bo Jacobsson, and I am a senior physician and university professor who values personal and professional development. When I felt like my life was out of balance, I sought out Murphy’s services to help me refocus in the right direction.

Before working with Murphy, I had never lifted weights before and wasn’t sure if I could do it. But with Murphy’s guidance and encouragement, I was able to develop the kind of strength I never thought I was capable of. Something that still amazes me and makes me feel incredibly proud. Murphy helped me set goals that challenged me in different ways, both physically and mentally, and his calm and supportive approach made it easier for me to believe in and enforce my own self, strength, and capacities.

At 60+ years old, I went from struggling to lift 45kg with back pain to comfortably lifting 130kg multiple times without much difficulty in less than 18 months. Lifting 140kg for one rep was beyond my wildest dream. I also credit Murphy for helping me improve my running endurance. I am amazed that I can now run over 22km without stopping, especially considering that I just celebrated my 62nd birthday this year.

These improvements have had a significant positive impact on my life. As a physician, I now have more stamina to bring new babies into the world. My increased endurance has also helped me manage my busy travel schedule with ease. Additionally, these improvements have greatly improved my mental strength and overall happiness.

I value learning and knowledge above all else. That’s why I appreciate about Murphy’s our conversations during our sessions. He has a wealth of knowledge and insight that he shares generously. I appreciate how he makes even the most challenging topics approachable and manageable. Our discussions have given me a new perspective on many issues, and I always leave our sessions feeling energised and focused. It’s rare to find someone who can give you a multitude of perspective, no matter how experienced you are, but Murphy has that gift.

Another aspect of Murphy’s program that I find valuable is the integrated leadership aspect of it. He helped me understand my holistic needs, and he was attuned to them by allowing me to bring my son along to train with me. Through Murphy’s program, I have also grown closer to my kids. The family-friendly nature of the program has allowed us to bond over our shared love of fitness and healthy living. This has been an amazing bonding experience for us, and it has also made my day planning easier. My son can now lift several kilograms more than half of Murphy’s bodyweight, which is quite impressive for a kid who is just 11 years old. He has become extremely strong, and I’m proud to see him grow in this way. I am grateful for all of these positive changes in my life and look forward to seeing where my fitness journey takes me next.

Working with Murphy has also helped me grow in confidence. I feel like my body and mind are as strong as when I was 31 years old, and I approach my work and personal life with a renewed sense of focus and purpose. Murphy’s program has made me a better father, husband, and person overall.

I feel more confident, focused, and energised than ever before, both in my personal and professional lives. While I don’t like to brag about my achievements, I do want people to know that Murphy’s program has helped me achieve more than I thought possible. Overall, I highly recommend Murphy’s services. He has a great charisma, is punctual and instructional in his approach, and has a demeanour that makes everything seem less challenging. His program has been transformative for me, and I’m grateful for his guidance and support.

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