Do you realise that the smarter you become, the more you doubt yourself?

Have you ever said this to yourself : “I don’t know anything…” “I don’t think I’m good enough…” “My success is due to the efforts of others, luck, or timing…”


Have you ever found yourself thinking either of these statements above at any time in your life? It’s almost as if the more you learn, the more you realise how much more there is to learn… ⁣⁣Then before you know it, you’re doubting your own knowledge, abilities, and competence, even if you have a proven track record of success.


Here something that might offer your some insight into why this is the case.. ⁣ So, the next time you feel like an imposter or are afflicted by self-doubt, remind yourself of your accomplishments as well as how hard you worked to get to where you are now.


Remind yourself that even with your past self-doubt, you have managed to achieve what you have and be where you are now.

Murphy Alex is a leadership developer, personal development and fitness trainer and coach, mentor and speaker. He get excited by both the idea and actuality of seeing people coming out of their shell after shattering their glass ceiling and limiting beliefs. Manifesting into the happiest and realest version of who they are.


My name is Murphy Alex. I am a High Performance and Fitness Coach for busy professionals like doctors, lawyers, management and leading executives. I understand the demands of your profession and the importance of self-care. I create customised workout plans and nutrition coaching that easily integrate into your busy schedule, while also incorporating stress-reducing techniques. With my unique leadership program, I guide you to achieve balance and reach your goals. Click here to book your free consultation call.

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