Here is why I belief that you do not need coaches, trainers or adviser

This is how you can lose weight, build your muscle strength and gain weight without the need for a coach or trainer

Disclaimers : I am not here to minimise anyone’s profession nor disregard their professionalism. Either you a consumer or service provider, don’t judge too quickly. Watch till the end. I believe you will not be disappointed.

Hook – You do not need a coach, advisor or trainer to help you lose weight and build muscles (or any else you wish to accomplish personally). This is from my professional experiences.
Elon Musk said he learnt most of skills for building rockets online before later hiring more engineers to help.
Warren Buffet said that you do not need exceptional brain power or be super intelligent to become as rich as he his. He said that if look at his early career, he just focus on certain things and learn everything else with information already available out there.

This covers majority of people. You can find information online, you don’t have to be super intelligent. You could always find it out n your phone.

What do you need then, if it is all so easily accessible?
They said, which I could attest to working with many people in fitness and coaching,

1. You have to be self motivated
2. You have to be self coaching
3. You have to define clear goals
4. You must be resourceful
5. You must have time
6. To find the right information for that goal
7. To sort through those information and throw away what is garbage, irrelevant and hearsay
8. To narrow them down to find the one that apply to your case specifically at that point
9. Then convert those into basic actions that you could easily be executed and must be in a compounding sequences.
10. Followed by Executing those basic actions one at a time until results become clear
11. Then Enforce those results
12. After those, you can then move on to the next basic action in the sequence

This is how Elon Musk and Warren Buffet has built their successes.

To accomplish your goal of losing weight, gaining weight, gain muscle, gaining strength, confidence, improving your life. All you have to do is follow the same processes .

The only singular factor you must have, in abundant, that will allow you to follow through these process with a very high probability of getting you your result (just like Elon Musk and Warren Buffet results) but for your own health, for you, is TIME.

Coaches, trainers and advisers compact all those steps and package them into value propositions they offer to you as their services.

Here is my take on these
If you a challenging goal to accomplish

And You have a lot of time but short on money (I don’t mean wealth, means or another way you describe anything that is not available cash).
And can follow those 12 steps.
You have absolutely no reason to pay someone to overcome those challenges and accomplishing those goals. Even if you have the means. This is same reasons why people who are retired spend all their time on things they could easily afford to pay someone else to get it done.
Because they have time.

On the flip side
If you have the same challenging goal to accomplish
And you a lot of money
Then you have absolutely no reason to spend your valuable time (which is the most crucial asset in your life, to spend doing what you love, with friend, family, adventure, making memories) to accomplish a goal that you could have easily got helping hand to resolve.
Saving you 91% plus of your valuable life assets, TIME.
Even if you feel like you could go ahead and do it yourself. The same reasons Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, Barrack Obama paid advisors, engineers, coaches, COO to do thing they could easily do themselves.

In essence,

You are paying for clarity.
You are paying accountability.
You are paying for the value of TIME.

And as Jim Rohn said, “You can get more money. Unfortunately you cannot get more time.”


My name is Murphy Alex. A Fitness, Executive Life and High Performance Coach, Leadership Developer and Speaker on the same subjects.

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