How I completely reinvented myself and changed my life

How I completely reinvented myself and changed my life forever.

This is a realistic mindset shift framework. It can be applied to modified ones identity sustainably, and permanently without having to “fake it”. It has worked for me on multiple occasions of my reinvention stages (Murphy Alex 2.0, 2.3,… and in the last 5 years, Murphy Alex 3.0).

It has also worked for 87% of my 100+ other clients that I have carefully guided in implementing the same framework. Maybe, it will work for you as well.


Reinventing yourself is very hard. It’s very difficult and you have to spend enough time doing it in order for it to be successful, in order for it to stick. It’s not about how much time passes when you were doing it. It’s not about doing many things. It’s about doing something that is very directional.

How much time you spend doing it methodically. That is very compounding in this effect, which means that for every single thing you do, it’s building on a previous one. This is how you build a new habit. This is how you become a new person, and that new person is not completely different from the whole one.

It just means it’s a better version, a more advanced version. You can call it 2.0 or 3.0 of the old one. Then you can have 2.1, 2.2 from time to time. But the point is it has to be very compounding. You have to spend a lot of time doing it methodically, structurally, that’s building on the previous version of the advancement you make initially.

And this is the key part, that it’s not about doing it for one year. It’s not about doing it for five years. It’s not about doing it for 10 years. No, it’s about doing it enough time. For example, I went through the same process personally. Couple of years ago when I thought, What am I doing it? Where am I going?

Because I got to a point in my life where I thought I’ve been successful the way I thought success was because I had a goal when I got into college, when I started university to make certain amount money by different stage of my life, then I did that working in technology, working in IT. I started as a software developer then, become a software consultant.

Then I become a business analyst. Then I moved country. I had a relationship that was stable for a long time. Then stuff happens, broke up. And my life was great. Still loved my life at that point. But the thing is, what I was doing is never really me. I was just very good at it, but I do not like it very much doing it.

I spend so much time, I just think about other things while I’m doing that. What I love about it is a solution oriented aspect of it, because when I’m doing this, I love to think in concept of thinking in big ideas, break them down into modular, structural easy solution that people can understand. I like the idea to talk to people to find out about what they need, in person find out what that is.

Then be able to come up with a solution, lay that solution out for them in the way that they will understand it. This I’m very good at doing in person and this is why I was an engineer. Come out with a solution on a paper, plan it out, then able to articulate it to them very structurally that they’re able to understand it from their perspective, not from my perspective, but from the problem they were trying to solve.

This is why I love being a business analyst, and that’s why I did it for so long. One thing I understood during those years, was that helping someone, helping people to come up with a solution. It’s not about explaining stuff to them from my perspective, from my understanding of it, because most of the time what tend to happen is I have more knowledge in that specific area than they do.

I’ve learned so much about that, I spend a lot of time learning about that specific area than they do. A lot of the things I thought in my head is very easy to understand, is very straightforward. For them, they’re not there yet. For them those information are not basic to them. It’s not because they lack the capacity to understand it. It is just because they are not there yet.

Just because it’s not their profession. It’s not stuff are good at. It’s not the stuff they want to be good at. It’s not the stuff they spend enough time trying to understand. They just want a solution for it. If I talk to an engineer from an engineering point of view, they’re going to understand it straight away.

But when I’m talking to a doctor about a solution, they want, explaining it to them using engineering terms, they won’t know what I’m talking about and they are goingthink this solution is not for me because it’s not gonna solve my problem. It’s not because it’s not gonna solve their problem, it’s just because they’re listening from the point of view of, I don’t even know what he’s talking about.

He doesn’t understand my problem because he is not talking in term of the solution I’m trying to solve in the way I understand. The point I’m trying to make here is understand that to be able to reinvent yourself, you need to be able to place yourself in a position where your let go of your past. Of all you think you are, you know, you’ve been everything that you think like, Uh oh, this is me, I can’t let it go. No, you have to let it go. This is a key part. You have to let go of the things that was you, but it’s no longer you anymore. And to be able to do that, you have to spend a lot of time doing that in a compounded way, in a way that is building on top of the last one, which means that , if you are doing it for six months, one year. It’s not about doing it for those six months. it’s how long in a day. How many hours in a day you spend doing it in a structural way. Systematic way, every single day on a regular basis. That’s compounded, building. Maybe every Tuesday and Thursday and Friday for six hours, for eight hours. I did the same thing.

What I was saying earlier, what I did was, for nine months, all I did was.. I wake up 3:30 to four o’clock every single day on my computer till 12 o’clock. I set my timer four o’clock in the morning till 12 o’clock midday every single day. And after that, I make calls. I see one or two clients, I go to the gym and I come back home eat food and do exactly the same thing again for another six hours. Then I go to sleep at 10 o’clock and I do the same thing every single day. And this is the point I was trying to make, that it’s not that you do it for six months, for one year, for two years, if you do something for 10 years, but you only spend 10 minutes a day every two weeks to do it.

Well, yes, you did a for 10 years, but how long time you actually spend on stuff that works rather than just being busy. It’s not about how long you spend doing it. It’s how much time. Compounded time, they actually spend on that specific thought of that reinvention of that character of you. Because once you now do that for enough time, this is why they said, it takes about 10,000 hours to acquire a new skill to become permanent knowledge to you. But 10,000 hours, 10 minutes a day, every two weeks is going to take you about 10 lifetime to achieve. But 10,000 hours when you spend about 14 to 18 hours a. It’s not gonna be that long. The point here is, reinventing yourself is a very, very difficult challenge to take on. And if you are able to do it yourself, if you are able to manage yourself to wake up at the time you say you want to wake up, because it is about becoming a person you said you want to become, not the one you’re talking about or thinking about.

It’s about creating evidence that I am who I say I am. What you do consistently is who you are and what you do consistently over a long period of time is your character. And that character takes zero energy to be. It doesn’t matter how old you are, 25 or 60, you pick a time you want to start, you pick a timeframe, who you want to be. And what’s going to make you that person. Then you do it every single day. Constantly, consistently. And the only way to be able to do this if you’re normal human being, because this take extra mental strength to be able to push yourself to do something this extreme, but it works. You have to be held accountable.

If you’re able to push yourself, you don’t need any accountability or anything. But life is going to get in the way, and when life get in the way.. You are going to forget. You only have to miss one or two. Then you’re gonna push it back to next week. The week after that, then you’re gonna forget it. The same thing happens to me personally.

While I was reinventing myself. I like being organic. This is the way I do things. I do it methodically. This is the way I’ve always done things. See, when I’m playing, I’m very quick. I’m very energetic. Out there. This is my energy. But when I’m trying to achieve anything specific, I’m very focused. This is just my nature. But when I’m doing that, many people don’t understand it.

They just think like I’m ignoring them. I’m being a different person than I am. No. It just because two different character within a single unit. When you’re trying to achieve a specific goal, you narrow your focus. When you are not trying to achieve anything specific, those things are already part of you. So they require no energy to be.

So this is why you can be free and still be that thing. But when you want to achieve something very specific?! You have to pull in all those energy, channel them into a specific direction. What happened to me was that during this years when I was trying to reinvent myself, boom!

This thing happens in Gothenburg. So now I have to deal with thousands and thousands of people I don’t know. This is like , that want my attention. That want my attention, but I don’t have any time because I’m narrowly focused. I have a goal a new direction. I’m trying to take myself away from who I was to who I want to be now. And during this time what tend to happen is this, so many people think I was trying to ignore them. I don’t have time for this. I don’t have time to that because everyone wants my attention. But I don’t have any, even for myself, I just have for one.

Then I ended up just, having to just go away for a while.

And that create more problem because people say where his he now. I care about result and that result I was trying to get for myself to become something new. This is reinvention. To reinvent yourself, you have to spend enough time in a methodical way that’s compounding the result. And that process needs to be systematic.

they need to be regular, they need to be measurable. And if you not like me, that is very comfortable waking up a very early three, four o’clock every single day, not for the rest of my life, but for a very specific time, for like a year or two years being comfortable. Choosing to do that and ignoring everything else around me apart from those?! If you are not able to do that very specific thing for those period that you’re gonna forget, life is going to get in the way. Well, you need to get someone to hold you accountable if you don’t do that. It will be impossible to achieve anything new that you don’t know before because you’re going to start, you’re gonna get excited about it, then you’re not gonna see any progress for a long term because it’s the way it is.

The body’s going to try and learn. And during those long process between the dopamine shot, then flatline for a long time though some life is going to gain the way as well, then you going to forget because you going think it’s not working. But this is the way the mind works. It just trying to find the right balance.

Just trying to align your body, your mind, all your sensors to become, it. And once you get there, then it goes up again. This is why if you want to reinvent yourself.. Make sure you know exactly what that thing is, Remove any distractions. Be very specific about your timeframe, and work around the clock to make it happen. By being consistent and then have yourself held accountable for it. Do this, your reinvention process will be so much.

It will be so much easier to achieve. But if you don’t do this the reinvention is not gonna stick. This is because in the new world we are living in right now reinventing yourself can give you a new vision of life, new direction of life, new energy. In current world, everything moves so fast. Technology changes, people changes, mindset changes. What’s wrong and what’s right changes, what’s valuable changes every single day. So from time to time you have to do that. You have to reinvent yourself, and to do that, you have to learn to be methodical, systematic, very narrowly focused and be held accountable for it. Otherwise, it will be very challenged to do.


My name is Murphy Alex. A Fitness, Executive Life and High Performance Coach, Leadership Developer and Speaker on the same subjects.

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