Resetting Your Life: A Practical Process for Structure, Organisation, and Overcoming Uncertainty

This video is for resetting your life. A practical process for structure, organisation, and overcoming uncertainty in times of recession. It is a tool on “How to reinvent yourself “. It provides a step-by-step process to help people who are struggling and feeling uncertain about the future, especially during a potential recession. The video focuses on how to create a structured and organised life, while also providing strategies to overcome common challenges such as lack of clarity, procrastination, lack of time, negative self-talk, and lack of support.

My name is Murphy Alex. I am a High Performance and Fitness Coach for busy professionals like doctors, lawyers, management and leading executives. I understand the demands of your profession and the importance of self-care. I create customised workout plans and nutrition coaching that easily integrate into your busy schedule, while also incorporating stress-reducing techniques. With my unique leadership program, I guide you to achieve balance and reach your goals. Click here to book your free consultation call.

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